UPDATE: Borgess & Ascension Health — where’s my midwife?

By Jessica English, LCCE, FACCE, AdvCD/PCD/BDT(DONA) Today, we are celebrating the best of news! We received the official word late yesterday that administrators at Borgess Medical Center, an Ascension Health facility, have restored full midwifery privileges to the Certified Nurse Midwives practicing through Borgess Women’s Health. Fantastic! There are a number of very specific things to…

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Positive for Group B Strep? Here’s what it means for your hospital birth

By Jessica English, LCCE, FACCE, AdvCD/PCD/BDT(DONA) You’ve done your research and you know that laboring at home until strong, active labor could help you lower your risk of cesarean birth and other interventions. You’ve got your doula on board, you’ve prepped with a great birth class, and you’re ready to rockstar your way through an…

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Lamaze breathing — once and for all

Breath is such an awesome tool in labor. It’s free, available to everyone, and can be used in any position or circumstance. Breathing brings oxygen to a woman and her baby. It helps with relaxation — both physical and emotional. It brings a birthing person’s awareness deep into their body, and it can be a…

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