HypnoBirthing in Kalamazoo

A private class series to prepare for your birth.

Woman practicing hypnobirthing in Kalamazoo.
Woman practicing hypnobirthing in Kalamazoo.

This intimate 5-week private class series explores the physical aspects of birth alongside the psychological, emotional, and spiritual. HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method is a philosophy with specific techniques that serve to guide and prepare you for the beautiful birth experience you desire and deserve.

with Alison See, hypnobirthing instructor and doula

The HypnoBirthing® program is built on the foundation that birth is a normal, physiologic function of the body. When birth is allowed to unfold in a calm and trusting environment, the birthing body and baby work in perfect harmony to nurture a natural birthing experience with less tension and fear, and filled with relaxation, joy, and empowerment.

Prepare yourself for a relaxed and centered birth

Relaxed couple in Kalamazoo practicing HypnoBirthing techniques.

The HypnoBirthing® topics and techniques we cover include:

  • special breathing
  • deep relaxation
  • visualization
  • affirmations
  • guided meditation
  • attention to nutrition
  • positive body toning
  • and so much more!

This private class allows you and your partner or other support person to go deep together to prepare for an intimate, positive birth experience. Classes are typically held in your home but can also take place at the Birth Kalamazoo office for those who live far away or who have other special circumstances.

Already signed up for one of our group Lamaze class series? We offer a shorter, customized HypnoBirthing® option that you can add on to our other classes. Email us for more information.

Happy Asian pregnant woman touching her belly with care in bedroom.
every breath
High angle view of husband and wife relaxing on bed at home

Meet Alison See, certified educator

Alison See square
When she was pregnant with her first baby, Alison became captivated by pregnancy and birth. After two wonderful births (one in a birth center and one at home), she wanted to share the skills and knowledge that had helped her on her journeys. Alison is a certified birth doula and a certified prenatal yoga instructor. In addition, she also has advanced training with Spinning Babies and in supporting families through grief and loss. Alison incorporates her yoga knowledge and real-life birth experience into every private class series. She is a certified hypnobirthing educator with HypnoBirthing® International - The Mongan Method. 

Private Hypno Series

  • Pay in full or start with a $100 reservation fee.

Private classes are typically held in your Kalamazoo-area home or at the Birth Kalamazoo office. The standard HypnoBirthing series is five classes, but shorter options (at a lower price) are available in special circumstances or if you are also attending one of our Lamaze classes.

Let's connect to talk through your options.

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