Infant Massage + Development Package

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Fussy baby, tired parents… Colic, tension, stress, teething — all the things. Maybe that’s happening in your world right now, or maybe you’d just like to feel a little more connected, a little more bonded and in tune with your tiny new person. You might also just be thinking ahead during your pregnancy, proactively, to get off to a sweet and connected start with your baby.

Our infant massage and development package can help.

with Rebecca Hernandez, pediatric occupational therapist

Birth Kalamazoo and Santosha Wellness have teamed up to offer you three in-home sessions with an expert on infant development and massage education. Rebecca Hernandez, a pediatric occupational therapist, will visit you and your baby three times in your own home — the space where your baby is most comfortable, and the space where you’ll be using the techniques day after day (please don’t clean, we expect some new baby clutter). We don’t like to see new parents running around with their tiny ones any more than needed! Snuggle in, rest, and get ready to learn and connect.

In each visit, Rebecca will help you learn how to massage your little one, plus she’ll offer a developmental screening, including information on your baby’s developmental stage and individual growth. She can offer suggestions on tummy time, infant carriers, and beneficial toys that will all support and promote your child’s development. Every parent wonders if their baby is developing on track. Rebecca will give you a professional perspective, all while she’s teaching you to touch and connect with your sweet little person. It’s ideal if you can start the visits within your baby’s first month or two, but we can also begin our three-session series any time in your baby's first year.

This is a unique combination that we haven’t seen offered anywhere else in the country. Families love the chance to learn about their babies and connect through touch!

An ancient tradition, adapted for your little one.

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Some of the benefits of massage for you and your baby:

  • Communicate with your baby before they can talk
  • Help develop your baby’s sensory-motor skills
  • Relaxation for both the parent and the baby
  • Better sleep (for everyone)
  • Baby spends more time in the quiet alert state — where learning happens
  • Less fussiness
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Relief from gas and colic
  • Relief from teething discomfort
  • Bonding and secure attachment
  • Nurturing all the senses
  • Your baby learns to imitate you (great for brain growth and development)
  • Improve your child's body awareness and muscle tone
  • Support to help your little one achieve major milestones
  • You learn more about your baby and their rhythms

Infant massage is rooted in ancient tradition and modern science. Even if your baby is totally happy and healthy, massage time is fun and a great way to bond. Rebecca will teach you techniques that you can use again and again. And because she’ll visit you three separate times (usually two to three weeks apart), she can show you how to adapt and advance the techniques as your baby grows.

Our goal for you on the other side of these sessions is that you’ll feel more confident and connected to your baby and better able to understand their cues and behaviors (these little people can be pretty mystifying sometimes). And hey, a little more sleep, a little less fussiness and some relaxation for everyone would be pretty great too.

Meet Rebecca Hernandez, pediatric occupational therapist + infant massage educator.

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Get connected with your baby! (Or get connected with your babies — we love working with multiples. The only special request is that you have one adult available for each baby, if possible.) Big sisters and brothers are also welcome to participate in the sessions.

Your package includes three sessions, typically two to three weeks apart. You can start any time before your baby's first birthday (toddler massage is a whole different game). Sessions are available weekdays, during the day or in the evening. After you book and pay, Rebecca will contact you to schedule your first visit. The final session must be completed within eight weeks of the first visit.

Book an infant massage + development package.

In-Home Massage + Infant Development

  • Three sessions in your home with a pediatric occupational therapist and infant massage instructor. Includes oil, massage instruction for you to learn to massage your baby, and a developmental assessment and recommendations.

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