Get the scoop on breastfeeding success.

Sometimes breastfeeding can be smooth and joyful. Sometimes it's really hard. We'll tell you what to expect, how to prepare, and where to get help if you need it. 

breastfeeding class in kalamazoo

Sometimes breastfeeding can be smooth and joyful. Sometimes it's really hard. We'll tell you what to expect, how to prepare, and where to get help if you need it. 

From your first latch — until you and your little one are ready to move on.

Some people think of breastfeeding as just another way to feed your baby. We see it as an integral part of mothering. And you know, we also believe that the human breast still works. Does that seem like a strange thing to say? Most women in the U.S. aren't successful with their long-term breastfeeding goals. Usually, that's not because there's an insurmountable problem. (It's true that there are a few women who are not able to breastfeed, or a few babies that can't latch, but those numbers are really small.) The problem is usually bad information, and not enough support. This class is one way we see to help turn the tide.

We'll walk you through breastfeeding from the hour after birth all the way through nursing a toddler. Our classes are interactive and evidence-based. We don't work for a hospital or a system, so we can get real about all of your options and how to get the best help.

For both you and your partner.

You can come alone to the breastfeeding class, but it's also helpful if your #1 support person can be there too. After all, when you are up in the night and feeling frustrated, that's the first person you'll turn to for support. We want the people you love to have great info too, so they can help you and cheer you on. So should your partner come to the breastfeeding class? Yes, if they can.

(Single mom? Feel free to bring your mom or a good friend with you to class. We'd just ask that if your friend is pregnant too, they pay for their class registration.)

breastfeeding class kalamazoo

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • Advantages of breastfeeding.

    We all know "breast is best," but we'll take a few minutes to touch on all the ways that breastfeeding is good for moms, for babies and for the planet. The list is big and it might surprise you.

  • Getting ready for success.

    What are the best things you can do in pregnancy to set the stage for breastfeeding success? We'll fill you in, and we'll warn you away from a couple of things you definitely should not do, no matter what your friend/neighbor/mother/aunt/coworker tells you.

  • A good latch.

    How do you know if the baby is latching well? Learn how to get a good latch, and how to work on fixing it if things aren't right. We have a fun teaching activity that will help these points really stick for you.

  • Demystifying newborn breastfeeding patterns.

    If your baby acts in unexpected ways (and they do), you could get thrown off and think there's something wrong when there really isn't. We'll help you know what to expect with a nursing newborn and how to roll with the tides of normal breastfeeding.

  • Boobytraps and real problems.

    Even if you've prepared well, sometimes there are real problems with breastfeeding (from sore nipples to low supply). We'll teach you what to watch for and where to get help. Sometimes, breastfeeding is hard because of "boobytraps" laid by society, the healthcare system, or family and friends. Along with solutions to the real problems, you'll also get the scoop on how to avoid those common pitfalls.

  • Positions to feed your baby.

    Breastfeeding should be comfortable and natural. We'll show you all of the common positions you can use with your baby, including a couple that will help you rest and really bond with your little one. If you're ever experiencing soreness, changing positions is one of the first things to try. It's great to be familiar with all the options.

  • Pumping hacks.

    During the first few weeks after your little one arrives, we recommend that you just focus on getting breastfeeding down pat. But most people do want their babies to eventually take a bottle. We'll teach you all about when to pump, how to pump, building a milk stash, and helpful tips for making it work well for everyone.

  • We've got a full-color poop chart for you.

    Our poop chart is one great way to know if your baby is getting enough milk. We'll talk about some other ways you can assess how things are going too. There aren't any millileter marks on our breasts, but there are a lot of ways to know if your little one is taking in what they need.

Taught by Vanessa Moon, RN, BSN, CLE, IBCLC

Vanessa works as a hospital lactation consultant, and she loves helping families with breastfeeding. She was trained as a birth doula in 2004, and then went on to a career as a labor and delivery nurse (where she helped hundreds of moms and babies with their early days of breastfeeding). In 2017, she became a certified lactation educator. In addition to teaching Birth Kalamazoo's breastfeeding class, Vanessa also leads the "Breastfeeding for Doulas" component of Heart Soul Birth Pros' doula workshops. When she's not teaching about breasts, she knits them. Vanessa also enjoys writing funny parenting songs with her husband Josh and hanging with her (breastfed) daughter Lucille and her stepson Beckett.

vanessa moon breastfeeding in kalamazoo

Ready for the details?

Our breastfeeding classes are typically offered as part of our full 8-week series, but we're opening up a special one-time class for those who've recently taken our four-week series, or even people who haven't take a class with us at all.

This is a VIRTUAL CLASS, to keep you safe during COVID-19. We'll be using the Zoom app. Don't worry if you're not tech savvy, it's super easy to use. Cozy up at home for some interactive, live, and relevant breastfeeding education.

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Breastfeeding Class

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Let's make it official.

Registration requires full payment for the breastfeeding class only, or a deposit for breastfeeding + our natural birth class. Questions? Email before you register.

We'll look forward to seeing you for class!
-Vanessa + Jessica