Prenatal and postpartum massage? Mmmm, yes please.

We are so sorry to say that we're not currently accepting new massage clients and are adding a new massage therapist. Please check back again in October 2021. We've taken this page off our website dropdown menu, but it may still appear in Google searches. Thank you for understanding! We hope to be back up and running soon.

rachael nofsinger pregnancy and postpartum massage kalamazoo

Rachael Nofsinger is Birth Kalamazoo's prenatal and postpartum massage expert. In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, Rachael is also trained as a doula, so she really understands moms' bodies. We love her sweet and gentle spirit, along with her skilled hands.

There's so much happening in your body during pregnancy. Organs move to new spots and muscles and ligaments stretch in ways they haven't stretched before. It's not easy on moms to grow and carry a baby 24/7. Prenatal massage really helps relieve all of those aches and pains. And if you're close to your due date, Rachael can give you an incredible "labor encouragement" session, which at the very least will help relieve discomfort but also might tip you over the edge into labor.

Massage is amazing after your baby is born too, when your body will go through an incredible shift. Your pelvis and hips will come back together, your organs will return to their original positions and you'll be healing from your birth. Your body may be sore from the new physical strains of holding and feeding your baby. Most cultures around the world nurture and care for women very carefully during this time. Postpartum massage can be an incredible piece of your recovery. Rachael is also trained in the "closing of the bones" ceremony, using the rebozo. She can incorporate that element into your postpartum massage, if you would like it to be included. Ask for details, we're always happy to talk through your options.

If Rachael is not available at the time you need, she can also refer you to her colleague Lydia. Our goal is to help you receive massage at the perfect time for you.

Birth Kalamazoo offers a prenatal and postpartum massage package that includes 4 full-body massages. For your prenatal massages, it's your choice of whether to receive those in-home or at the massage studio. When it's time for your postpartum massage, Rachael will come to you — we don't like new moms running around in those tender weeks after the birth. Plus, if your baby needs to nurse during the massage, no problem! We'll figure out how to make that happen on the massage table.

In-Studio Massage

$65 / visit
  • Come in to our relaxing Portage studio for a 60-minute, full-body prenatal massage. Print our coupon or mention it when you book to receive an extra 15 minutes on the table — an amazing body love bonus.

Massage Package

$310 - 360
  • A series of four massage therapy sessions, two prenatal and two postpartum. All four massages can take place in your home for $360, or you can save $50 if you come into the massage studio for your two prenatal massages. Mention our coupon and you can choose when to use your extra 15 minutes on the massage table.

In-Home Massage

$100 / visit
  • Expert bodywork with our licensed massage therapist, in your home. A 60-minute session, plus if you download or mention our coupon, you'll get an extra 15 minutes of massage bliss.

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Aw, we are so sorry! We are transitioning to a new massage therapist and don't currently have availability for massage. Please check back in June or July 2021, we hope to have a new person on our team. Thank you for thinking of us!